Author & Activist Thiandi Grooff

3 of my favorite poems of hers

The End of Life is Approaching

This poem expresses the moment when I nearly died during one of many brain operations. I saw myself quitting my body, only attached to my body by a few threads, happy to leave it. But something commanded me to return to my body. 

The end is approaching

Was there a beginning?

In this history of misery

Had my life any wisdom?

I try to vanish

to paradise

but invisible threads

prevent my journey

Threads spun by whom?

Who is holding me?

I want to desert my body

more than anything

It only hinders me

I watch myself lying

attached to these machines

the surgeons in my brain

My pains now? They disappeared

Is someone waiting for me?

Or maybe some more?

Apart from my family

And my companions in misery?

Paradise seduces me

she promises freedom without a corpse

But my conscious remands me

For the next earthly act.

My carcase continues suffering

My deeds not yet enough

My full contribution

Still not delivered

The man with the scythe

has not waited enough

Copyright Thiandi Grooff Quiet Riot Collected 2016


I want to belong

without belonging

life is not living

but waiting till it ends.

Energy lost in fear

my body dynamite

tight like a bobby trap

exploding without


let me fire

instead of waiting

fireballs of love

that take away

my tears and fears

Copyright Thiandi Grooff Quiet Riot Collected 2016

The Present last too long  


The Present last too long  

In every moment hides the Past 

I want to go forward 

In the living of my life     

Tomorrow is far away 

A dream I'm craving 

How many times will it pass?  

I want to hold it!  


Copyright Thiandi Grooff Oktober 2015